copycamUse the whiteboard at Stinson Collaborative Commons and capture your notes onto a USB.  Have you ever looked at your whiteboard in a brainstorming session and thought “I wish I could save everything, but I don’t want to write it all out onto a notepad or into my laptop manually?”

CopyCam is a special whiteboard camera that extends out on an arm above the whiteboard to capture the contents and save it to your usb drive.  Now when you have great ideas that emerge on your whiteboard you can capture them easily.  In addition, you can tape up other papers or notes, or put anything in front of the whiteboard that you want to capture as well.

No scheduling is required, just walk up and use it!


The CopyCam whiteboard is located inside the Unity computer lab on the first floor in the Stinson Collaborative Commons (Formerly known as the Laundry Lab) in the Language and Computing Labs Building.
OIT also provides media:scape collaborative space.  D. H. Hill Library provides similar rooms, called Group Study Rooms.  The College of Engineering also provides similar workspaces, called Collaboratories.

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