With media:scape, OIT provides a specialized high-tech collaboration space at Stinson Collaborative Commons.  Combining the timeless concept of a round table together with the technology to connect several laptops, media:scape creates an ideal collaborative setup for small groups.  With up to five connections at a time, it gives each member equal ability to engage and contribute.
An elegant natural way to literally connect your ideas, discuss solutions, share your work and save everything to disk.
So bring your laptops and start collaborating!

Easy to Use!

Built for comfort and ease of use, media:scape requires no special software, no training manuals and no complicated setup.  Just walk up and connect!


  1. Open the media well and remove a Puck™.
  2. Connect the Puck to your laptop (Puck™ will turn white).
  3. Share what’s on your laptop by pressing the Puck™ (Puck™ will turn green).


Media:scape is located inside the Unity computer lab on the first floor in the Stinson Collaborative Commons (formerly the Laundry Lab) in the Language and Computer Labs Building.

Going Green

By minimizing or eliminating the use of plastic, aluminum and PVC and by maximizing the use of steel, media:scape production has less impact on the environment. All components are constructed for easy disassembly to ensure recyclablity, and adhesives are avoided.
  • Technology Components
    • RoHS/WEEE compliant
    • EnergyStar®
  • LEED Contribution
    • Recycled content
    • Regional materials
    • Low emitting materials
    • Innovation in design
  • Environmental Facts
    • 74% recyclable
    • 38% recycled content
  • Certifications
    SCS Indoor Advantage™ certified for indoor air quality in North America

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Need Help?

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