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All of these amazing upgrades and still the same low cost for service!

Main Campus

  • Wolf TV is optional in these residence halls.
  • Cost: $192.50 per room, per semester.
    NOTE: The entire cost will be billed to the student account of the first roommate who signs up for the service.
  • The cost cannot be divided and billed individually to roommates.
  • The cost is prorated daily, based on the signup date.
  • A student may sign up or cancel Wolf TV throughout the semester.
  • A minimum of 30 days’ worth of service will be billed for each signup.

Greek Village, Wolf Ridge and Wolf Village

  • For Wolf Ridge and Wolf Village, the Wolf TV cost is $46 per student, per semester.
  • Each bedroom and each living room have active Wolf TV service.

For Greek Village, ResNet is always active. See ResNet Cost.

Greek Village Common Room

  • Cost: $48.12 per month
  • Payment options:
    • Paid through Greek Village
      Check with Fraternity and Sorority Life to see if this is the case for your common room.
    • Billed directly to the chapter by the Office of Information Technology
  • For more information, contact Taylor Lundy.