What Do I Do

All green links indicate a redirection to an appropriate FAQ.

A TIVOLI job fails

  • Page the On-Call Production Management person.

A Server goes down

  1. Wait about 15 to 20 minutes to see if it will pop back up again.
  2. If it doesn’t come back up, first click on the server having the problem
    and try to “ping” the server. If that works, it should come up momentarily.
  3. Note the owner of the server (e.g., ComTech) and press the page button.
  4. Page the primary person for that server.
  5. If no response within 15 minutes, page the next person on the list.
  6. Keep paging until you get somebody.

A ncstate.net device goes down

If it’s YELLOW:

  1. Wait one hour or until a complaint is called in.
  2. If during business hours, call NOC at 513-9675; otherwise, page the On-Call ComTech person.
  3. If no response within 15 minutes, page next person on the list.
  4. Keep paging until you get somebody.

If it’s RED:

  1. If during business hours, call NOC at 513-9675 immediately; otherwise, page the On-Call ComTech person immediately.
  2. If no response within 15 minutes, page next person on the list.
  3. Keep paging until you get somebody.

On-Call Procedure for TELE group


There is an alarm on a piece of equipment

  1. Look on the equipment for a sticker that indicates the server it belongs to.
    Usually this equipment is a RAID unit.
  2. With this information:
    1. Go to the servers page,
    2. Click on the server you just read from the sticker.
    3. Page the appropriate group.
  3. If the problem is with some communications equipment (or anything you assume to be communications equipment ) page the On-Call ComTech person.
  4. If no response within 15 minutes, page the next person on the list.
  5. Keep paging until you get somebody.

The air conditioner needs repair

  • During the day, tell Dana.
  • After hours, contact Physical Plant and tell them the problem and it is in the Data Center (5-2991).
    The accounting code for AC units in either Data Center is # 2-71740

Help Desk After Hours Policy

  • After hours and on weekends there is no Help Desk available.
  • If you receive a call, please refer the user to call back 515-HELP (4357) and leave a message,
    OR visit help.ncsu.edu.
    OR call back the next business day.
  • They may also go to the Walk-in Center for non-campus-wide emergencies.
  • There is no need to page the Help Desk group for user issues.
  • For campus-wide outages, page the appropriate group as normal (ComTech, Systems).

I need to report a crime

  • Call Public Safety (5-3333).

I need to call the Non-Emergency Public Safety Number

  • Call Public Safety at (5-3000).


  1. If there is Fire and/or Halon alarm, leave the building immediately.
  2. On your way out, please look around to make sure your coworkers have left the building.
  3. Close all interior Computer Room doors.
  4. Meet in the parking lot behind the building (NOT IN THE ALLEY).

PHONE Authorization Code

  • Each employee has been given a long distance phone access code in case you are required to place a long distance work call (e.g., contact programmer or on-call person that lives outside the local zone).
  • Procedure:
    1. From Operator main phone, dial 7 for outside line.
    2. Dial 1 plus area code and phone number.
    3. When you hear beep beep, enter your authorization code.
      The call should go through.

Hacking Attempt

  • Tell the person to send all evidence of the attempt to abuse@ncsu.edu.
  • Contact the CCCADM on call person to notify them of the abuse.

Generator Messages (OmniMetrix)


  1. If you receive a call from systems requesting you to push a special reset button on one of the VM machines, ask for the machine name.
  2. Here are the button locations on each of the two types of machines.
    • R900 – It is item #2 in this image.
    • R910 – It is item #3 in this image.
  3. Just to the right of the power button is the small reset button, which needs to be pushed with something small and pointy to trigger the interrupt.

Class Tech

  • If you get calls >after hours from professors about problems with Class Tech equipment, the only thing we can do is send an email to ClassTech@ncsu.edu.
  • This will automatically create a ServiceNow call and put it in their call queue.
  • We do not page or anything else.

Sensaphone (automated sensors)

    1. If you get a call from the sensaphone stating there is a water, power, noise, or AC problem:
      1. Note the cause, building and location of issue in room.
      2. Go check on it.
    2. The sensaphone will continue to call Operations about every 5 minutes until the phone message has been acknowledged.
      • DC2 number is 513-0776.
        To acknowledge the DC2 phone, enter “555” when prompted to acknowledge with code.
        You may be able to enter code during the message.