Proximity Card Procedures and Contacts

Getting a proximity card (“prox card”) is a two-step process: first obtaining the card and then being assigned a clearance to use it for a designated door.

Obtaining a Proximity Card

  • Your supervisor or unit personnel manager should enter your data on the Security ID Badge Request Form.
  • Prox cards are issued by Wolfpack One Card in Talley Student Union.

The designated prox card approvers for all OIT staff are:

  • ComTech
    • Greg Sparks
    • Greg James
  • Hillsborough Building
    • Dana Strickland

Obtaining a Clearance for a Designated Door

Your manager or unit director will need to request a clearance, as specified below, from each administrator who controls a door you need to access. The same administrator may control several doors. The administrator cannot honor a direct request from you.

Data Center 1, Data Center 2, Admin Services III, Poe Hall Room 110 or Main Distribution Frames

Your manager or director must send an email to Data Center Management email list, specifying:

  • Your name
  • Your Employee ID number
  • The areas you need to access
  • The reason you need access

Semi-annually, your clearances for these locations are reviewed by Data Center Management and re-certified by your OIT unit director.

Hillsborough Building

If you work in the Hillsborough Building, you will normally be given building-only prox card access at the same time you receive a room key. To obtain your clearance, your manager or unit director must do one of the following:

  • Send an email to Data Center Management email list, specifying:
    • Your name
    • Your Employee ID number
    • That you need access to the Hillsborough Building
    • The reason you need access
  • Go to Room 124, Hillsborough Building and provide the information indicated above.

 Other ComTech facilities

Contact: Greg James

Avent Ferry Technology Center vault

Contact: Mardecia Bell

Card-controlled doors administered outside of OIT

Wolfpack One Card