Personal Routers

ResNet and ComTech permit the installation of personal wireless access points only in ES King Village, as long as they are configured according to these rules.

  • SSID
  • Use an SSID other than ncsu, ncsu-guest, or eduroam.
  • Security
    Use WPA2-PSK security with AES encryption.
  • MAC address
    Utilize Media Access Control (MAC) address to authorize users of your access point. Remember, you are responsible for EVERY user’s activity on your access point.
  • New administrative username and password
    If your router’s default username and password is something like “admin/password” or “admin” with no password, be sure to change it to something else. Newer routers usually have unique usernames and passwords that are printed on the device itself. Since the password is unique to the device (and can’t be found with a simple Google search), you can leave the default if you want to.
  • Network disruption
    If your access point disrupts the network or other ResNet users, it will be disconnected from the network.

Be sure you connect the correct port on the router to the wall jack! Connect your Ethernet cable to the port marked WAN or Internet. Often this port will be a different color, or will be physically separated on the router from the other block of Ethernet ports.

Connecting any other port on your router to the wall jack may cause that wall jack to shut down. If this happens, you will need to contact the Help Desk or visit the Walk-in Center for assistance. If you visit the Walk-in Center, bring with you the router (including the power adapter) and the Ethernet cable you are using to connect your router to the wall jack.