Residence Hall Wireless Coverage


NC State University provides three SSIDs on campus. For details, see

  • eduroam
    This is the preferred wireless network for computers, phones and other devices with a web browser. This also allows you to use your NC State account to connect to networks at other eduroam-affiliated campuses.
  • ncsu
    This should be used by students, faculty and staff on most devices
  • ncsu-guest
     has limited functionality and is provided as a convenience for non-university affiliated guests.

No personal wireless routers

  • Personal wireless routers are not permitted or supported by the NC State Help Desk or our Network Operations Center.
  • The Walk-in Center will not troubleshoot issues with personal wireless routers in any residence hall or university apartment that has complete wireless coverage.
  • Personal routers can cause interference with the NC State wireless network and can cause performance issues for yourself and your neighbors.

Wireless printers

  • We recommend you not use the wireless feature of your printer.
  • Please connect to your computer via the USB cable.
  • We do not support wireless printers in our residence halls or university apartments.

Game consoles

  • For the best gaming experience, we recommend plugging into one of the ports on the bottom of the access point located in your room.   
  • If you are in an apartment-style housing unit (Wolf Ridge or Wolf Village), you may plug into the network outlet located in your room instead of the ports on the access point.
  • To use a game console on either the wireless or wired network in any on-campus housing, you’ll need to register it on