Wired Network Access

  • Wired network access in residence halls and apartments
    There are wired ports available for use on the wireless access points. When you connect to the access point with an Ethernet cable, you will be prompted to log in. To avoid having to log in repeatedly, register the WIRED address of your device on Nomad.

    • If your device doesn’t have a web browser then you will need to manually register it on nomad.ncsu.edu using a device with a browser that is already connected to either the Eduroam or ncsu wireless networks or to the access point via an Ethernet cable .Go to nomad.ncsu.edu and select “add device.” The box labeled “MAC Address” will be pre-filled with the MAC address of the device you are using. You will be able to erase that MAC address and put in the MAC address of your browser-less device.
  • Wired network access in Wolf Village and Wolf Ridge bedrooms
    Each bedroom in Wolf Village and Wolf Ridge has a live data jack on the wall (in addition to the access point in the living room). In most places, your connection should work without registration or configuration.

    • Wolf Ridge bedrooms – upper left
    • Wolf Village bedrooms – lower right
      In some places you may need to register wired devices that use the bedroom data jacks. See the section above for more info.
  • Wired network access in Greek Village Apartments
    • Each bedroom and living room has a live data jack on the wall. The jack is RED and should be in the upper left position.
  • Port Blockers
    • You may find that data outlets are blocked with plastic “port blockers.” Please do not attempt to remove or break these. You cannot plug a personal device into any port with a blocker on it. Additionally, personal devices will not work on the data ports that have access points plugged in. That outlet is tied to the access point only.
  • Personal wireless routers
    • Personal wireless routers are not allowed or supported. Rogue wireless routers may be removed from the network.