Network access in residence halls with wireless

This document is intended for use by students living in residence halls and campus apartments that have complete wireless coverage.

  • Wireless
    • Most devices should be connected to the ncsu SSID. Once connected to ncsu, you will be asked to log in with your Unity ID and password. To avoid having to log in repeatedly, you may register your device at
    •  Eduroam is a wireless network available at many universities worldwide. Locally, eduroam is available at both Duke and UNC . If your device can connect to Eduroam at NC State, you’ll be able to use Eduroam wherever it is available. To enroll in Eduroam, visit and follow the installation instructions for your operating system. Eduroam enrollment may be required annually, but once enrolled, you won’t be asked to log in to the network on your device.
  • Wired
    • In the traditional residence halls, the only available wired data jacks are on the wireless access points themselves. You may plug your wired device into any open port on the access point, regardless of the colored label on the port.
    • When you connect to the access point with an Ethernet cable, you will be prompted to log in. To avoid having to log in repeatedly, you may register your device at
  • Game consoles and other devices without web browsers
    • If your device doesn’t have a web browser then you will need to manually register it on using a device with a browser that is already connected to the ncsu wireless network.
    • Go to and select “add device.” The box labeled “MAC Address” will be pre-filled with the MAC address of the device you are using. You will be able to erase that MAC address and put in the MAC address of your browser-less device.
    • Network performance of game consoles is generally better with a wired network. If you are experiencing difficulty with network performance on your game console, try requesting a public IP address from Just list your devices, select “update” for your game console, and check the box that says “use public IP address.” Note: the option to request a public IP address is only visible when you are connected to Nomad when in a residence hall. Additionally, if you bring a device for which a public IP has been requested to a non-residence hall location, it will not receive a public IP address while connected outside of the residence halls.
    • How to find your MAC address on various game consoles
  • Wired connections in apartment-style residence halls
    • In Wolf Ridge and Wolf Village, the access point for an apartment is located in the living room. The wired ports on the access point are available for use as described above. Additionally, the bedrooms have a wired port in the wall. In Wolf Ridge, the upper left port is an active port. In Wolf Village, the lower right port is active.
  • Wireless printers
    • We recommend that you do not use a wireless printer because it will be visible on the network for others to print to. Instead, use a USB cable to connect your printer to your computer. Printer cables are available for purchase at the Bookstore and the Walk-in Center for less than $10.
  • Personal wireless routers
    • Personal wireless routers are not permitted in residence halls with wireless coverage. Any router that interferes with the university-provided wireless service will be removed from the network.