What ResNet Provides

Fast Network Connections
ResNet lets you connect your personal computer–when equipped with a 10BaseT, 10/100BaseT, or 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet adapter–directly to NC State’s data communications network, and through the university network, to the Internet. ResNet enables you to easily perform many tasks from your own room:

  • Exchange email
  • Browse and publish information on the World Wide Web
  • Access campus information, course registration, library catalogs and other databases
  • Submit assignments to professors, confer with classmates, conduct research for papers
  • Participate in social media
  • Access your Unity/Eos network file space via applications like telnet and FTP (Note: ResNet does not provide access to the same software available in the Unity/Eos labs.)

Why use ResNet?

  • No phone line or modem is needed.
  • Connections are fast
  • Access is immediate
  • No additional Internet access provider is needed
  • There are no time limits on how long you can remain connected
  • ResNet staff is available to help set up your connection


Computing and information technologies have become essential in our society and to higher education. NC State University has a strong commitment to preparing its graduates for the technology-based future. Students aren’t required to bring a computer to NC State, however, an ever-growing number choose to have a computer available for their personal use. ResNet helps students living on campus take full advantage of the resources available via their computer.