Research Storage

Service Overview

Each NC State researcher may obtain an allocation of research storage to use during their employment at NC State University. Default allocation is currently 2TB, but additional space may be requested. There is an annual fee for allocations larger than the standard baseline. PIs for awarded grants may request research storage space for the grant based on the storage requirements as described in the grant’s data management plan. There is a fee for very large allocations. Including the fee in the grant proposal and budget justification should allow the fee to be paid from direct grant funds.

Standard Research Storage

OIT Research Storage can be accessed from computers with a static IP address after entering the computer’s IP address or hostname in the Research Storage Manager portal. Access to the storage is protected by requiring users to authenticate to the university’s WolfTech Active Directory domain. Therefore, the computers must be joined to the domain. The PI of the project automatically has access to his or her allocation. Additional users may be granted access via the Research Storage Manager portal. The portal automatically synchronizes a corresponding WolfTech user group associated with the storage allocation.¬†Users that will access the data must be members of the corresponding WolfTech group.

NIST 800-171 Compliant Storage

Only NIST 800-171 compliant computers are allowed to mount the compliant storage. Connections between the compliant computers and compliant storage must use NIST 800-171 compliant networks.


See OIT Research Storage documentation for more information.

Additional Storage Types

See OIT Storage Resource Summary for the different types of storage available from OIT.


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