Hotspots provide pervasive wireless network coverage that is confined to a single room or other small area. Extended coverage is possible but not guaranteed. Hotspots do not guarantee a particular amount of throughput or bandwidth.

1. General/Pervasive Coverage

  • This type of hotspot will be the one installed in most locations. It is meant for all-purpose, general access by students, faculty and staff. It is based on 802.11g technology and allows users with 802.11b or 802.11g wireless cards in their laptop or PDA to connect to the campus network.

2. Instructional Areas

  • In certain locations, hotspots may be installed to utilize wireless technology in classrooms for teaching purposes. These include auditoriums, classrooms, and perhaps teaching labs (but not conference or meeting rooms or research labs). These hotspots use 802.11a technology, limiting potential interference problems and isolating these areas from the pervasive (general) coverage network.

3. Ordering/Installation Information

  • ComTech will install a maximum of 3 hotspots total in a building. Installation of more than 3 hotspots falls under the ComTech Nomad Project. If your department needs more wireless access than 3 hotspots, contact ComTech at 515-7099, option 3, to discuss your wireless needs.

4. How to Order?

  • For a limited time ComTech is offering a Buy One, Get One Free offer for wireless hotspots. Restrictions apply and the hotspots must be located within the same building.