Web Print (Single-sided PDF Only)

NOTE: With Web Print, you can print ONLY:

  • a PDF file
  • the entire file (cannot select pages to print)
  • on one side of the paper
  1. Getting Started
    Be sure to see First Things First for requirements about printing from off campus, paper size, and payment for printing.
  2. Creating Your Print Job
    1. Go to the WolfPrint login page and enter your Unity ID and password.
      Press the Log In button
    2. From the menu on the left, select:
      Web Print.
    3. Click on the Submit a Job button.
  3. Selecting a Print Queue
    Select the FollowMe print queue appropriate for your job:

    1. Black and White
      1. WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite (Letter size)
      2. WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-11×17
    2. Color
      1. WolfPrint-Color (Letter size)
      2. WolfPrint-Color-11×17
  4. Selecting Print Options and an Account to Charge
    1. Click on the Print Options and Account Selection button.
    2. For Options, enter the number of copies.
    3. For Account to Charge, select the desired account.
  5. Selecting and Uploading a File to Print
    1. Click on the Upload Documents button.
    2. Do one of the following:
      1. Drag the desired PDF to the area marked Drag files here.
      2. Click on the Select files… button and select the desired PDF. An icon for the selected PDF will appear.
        NOTE: You can drag or select more than one file, but they will be processed as separate print jobs.
    3. Click on the Upload & Complete button (lower right).
      The uploaded job will appear in a list.
  6. To finish by printing out your job, see Releasing and Printing a WolfPrint Job.