WolfPrint FollowMe Printing with IPP on Apple OS X Computers

  • WolfPrint supports printing using the built-in, secure Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) on many Apple laptops and computers running OS X.
  • Machines running OS X version 10.8 or newer are also supported using AirPrint.
  • FollowMe printing is available from both personal and university-owned Apple computers.

Setting up to print using secure IPP requires the following five steps.

Step 1: Add a printer.

  1. Join the ncsu wireless network.
  2. Open the item you would like to print.
  3. In the Printer pop-up window, select Add Printer… (Figure 1).
    Figure1: Selecting Add Printer… from the OS X print dialog

Step 2: Select IP settings.

  1. When the Add dialog appears, in the tool bar, click on the IP button.
  2. Make the following settings (Figure 2):
    • Address: print.ncsu.edu
    • Protocol: Internet Printing Protocol – IPP
    • Queue:  Select one of these:
      • /printers/WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
      • /printers/WolfPrint-Color
      • /printers/WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries
      • /printers/WolfPrint-Color-Libraries
    • Name: Select the one that matches the queue you chose:
      • WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
      • WolfPrint-Color
      • WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries
      • WolfPrint-Color-Libraries
    • Location: Leave blank
    • Use: Generic PostScript Printer
  3. Click the Add button.


Figure 2: Correctly configured OS X Add dialog for FollowMe IPP print queue

Step 3: Select Duplex Printing Unit.

  1. When the Setting Up … pop-up dialog appears, be sure to mark the Duplex Printing Unit check box.
  2. Press the OK button (Figure 3).
    The printer will complete setup, and printing will continue as normal.
    Figure 3:
    Marking the checkbox for Duplex Printing Unit.

Step 4: Log in to PaperCut and set printing options.

  1. When printing finishes, open a web browser on the same computer.
  2. Go to WolfPrint.
  3. Using your Unity credentials, log in securely to the PaperCut web client (Figure 4).
    NOTE: You must log in within five minutes from the same computer that made the print; otherwise, your print job will be canceled without charge.
    Figure 4: PaperCut web client login dialog.
  4. After login you will be able to set any options and print or to cancel the print job (Figure 5).
    If the Print button is selected, the print job will be held as usual for FollowMe printing. For more information, see
    WolfPrint User FAQ.
    Figure 5: Print Job Notification Dialog for WolfPrint FollowMe printing.
    HINT: For easy access each time you need to print, bookmark the WolfPrint web page.

Step 5:  Retrieve your printout.

  1. Go to a printer displaying the WolfPrint FollowMe symbol:
    For WolfPrint printer locations, see WolfPrint FollowMe Printing.
  2. Follow the instructions for logging in and releasing a print job.

For next time

  • Your configuration for secure IPP printing is saved, so you don’t have to repeat it.
  • To use the printer again later, just choose it from the list of available printers.

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