WolfPrint FollowMe Printing

How the service works

  • You can submit a print job at one location and pick it up at another.
  • The WolfPrint FollowMe virtual printer that you choose will hold your submitted print job for up to 12 hours.
  • There are two virtual printers, depending on the type of job and cost:
    • WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
    • WolfPrint-Color
  • You can release and print out your job at any physical printer that accepts jobs from the virtual printer you chose. For example, if you chose WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite as your virtual printer, you could print out your job at any black-and-white or color printer model.
  • You can avoid a long wait at a printer that’s busy by picking up your print job at one that’s available.
  • Each real (physical) printer will have a QR code label with the printer’s name (for touch-free print release) and a WolfPrint FollowMe label.

How you can use FollowMe printing

Logging in and releasing a print job

  1. To log in at a real (physical) printer, swipe the red stripe of your Wolfpack One Card in the printer’s card reader.
  2. If you don’t have your Wolfpack One Card or if the card reader does not work, enter your Unity ID and password on the printer’s screen.
  3. Select “Print Release” on the screen.
  4. The screen will display the jobs you have submitted to the FollowMe print queue serviced by that printer.
  5. You have the option of either releasing all jobs or pressing the arrow to the right of a specific job name and releasing or canceling that job
  6. NOTE:  When finished, remember to log out from the home screen.

Time limit on holding a print job

Your print job will be held for up to 12 hours after it is submitted.

The virtual printers (FollowMe print queues) are

  • WoflPrint-BlackAndWhite
  • WolfPrint-Color