WolfPrint FollowMe Printing with Apple OS X Computers

  • WolfPrint supports printing from many Apple laptops and computers running OS X version 10.8 or newer using the built-in AirPrint service.
  •  Machines running earlier versions of OS X are not supported using AirPrint but may be manually configured using secure IPP.
  • Follow Me printing is available from both personal and university owned Apple computers.

Printing with AirPrint

    1. Selecting and adding a printer
      1. Join eduroam, the NC State campus wireless network.
      2. Open the item you want to print.
      3. Under Printer pop-up -> Nearby Printers, select a WolfPrint FollowMe printer (Fig. 1).airprintosx_png_14811Figure 1: Selecting a WolfPrint FollowMe printer (10.8 Mountain Lion print dialog)
    2. Submitting your print job
        1. After you select and add the printer, select the Print button to submit the print job.
        2. When printing finishes, on the same computer and within 5 minutes, go to WolfPrint.
          Hint: Bookmark this page for quick access when you need to print.
        3. Using your Unity ID, log in to the PaperCut web client (Fig. 2).
          (NOTE: If your login is not on the same computer and within 5 minutes, your print job will be canceled without a charge.)

          Figure 2: PaperCut web client login dialog.


      1. Choose the desired options. You can either cancel the print job or set various options and print (Fig. 3).

        Figure 3: Print Job Notification dialog for WolfPrint FollowMe printing.If you select the PaperCut Print button, your print job will be held as usual for FollowMe printing. For more information, see WolfPrint User FAQs.


  1. Retrieving your printout
    1. Go to a printer that displays the WolfPrint FollowMe logo.
      For locations, see WolfPrint FollowMe Printing.
    2. Follow the instructions for logging in and releasing a print job.


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