WolfPrint User FAQs


If you are unable to find the answers you are looking for here, please submit a help request by using the Report a Problem form.

Where can I find a list of publicly available printers?

  • In most public computer labs, there are printers that have been configured to print from the workstations at the same locations.
  • However, you can send a print job to a different location by choosing one from the List of Publicly Available Printers.

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What are printing fees used for and how much does it cost?

The printing fees help pay for the cost of supplies, repairs, and the technical support needed to maintain the service. For example:

  • WolfCopy supports the hardware and consumables for the accounted printers located in the public computer labs.
  • They provide customer service representatives to service each of their accounted printers on campus.
  • These employees are available from Monday through Friday, from 7:30am until 4:30 pm.
  • WolfCopy also provides a technical support staff member in OIT, Monday through Friday, from 8:00am until 5:00 pm, who monitors the network connectivity of the printers, responds to help requests and provides print support as needed.  

Printing costs for WolfCopy printers in the Unity Labs

  • b&w $0.10
  • color $0.25
  • duplex b&w $0.20
  • duplex color $0.50

Printing costs for  WolfCopy printers in the Vet School/Vet Library

  • b&w $0.10
  • color $0.25
  • duplex b&w $0.20
  • duplex color $0.50

Printing costs for WolfCopy printers in the NCSU Libraries (D. H. Hill, James B. Hunt Jr., Natural Resources)

  • b&w $0.10
  • color $0.30
  • duplex b&w $0.20
  • duplex color $0.60

Print costs at the College of Design

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How am I charged for printing?

  • WolfPrint uses PaperCut’s print solution for accounted printing.
  • PaperCut works by intercepting print jobs as they pass into a print queue and extracts job information such as page counts.
  • It calculates the cost of the print job and deducts the funds accordingly from your AllCampus account.

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How do I fund my AllCampus account?

  • You can make deposits via cash or check, by mail, online or in person to your AllCampus account.
  • Deposits should be available immediately upon receipt.
  • There is no minimum deposit required, but your balance cannot exceed $1500.
  • For more information, see Make a Deposit.

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What is PaperCut Print Credit?

  • PaperCut Print Credit is funds that you can use only for printing.
  • These are
    • funds that were carried over from the legacy WolfPrint system or
    • refunds for print jobs in the current system.

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What if I don’t have any money and still need to print?

  • If you are unable to add funds to your AllCampus account and do not have PaperCut Print Credit, you will not be able to print.
  • Before attempting to print, make sure your AllCampus account has sufficient funds for printing.

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Why is my AllCampus Account Inactive and how do I print?

  • If you try to add funds to your AllCampus account and receive an message saying that your status is “inactive,” then your AllCampus card has expired and you need to get a new one.
  • For registered students, there is no fee for a new card.
  • For assistance, contact Wolfpack One Card at (919) 515-3090.

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Can I print using my laptop or other portable device?

You can print Adobe (.pdf) files to WolfCopy printers from your portable device using WebPrint.  To access Web Print:

  1. Go to the WolfPrint login page for PaperCut.
  2. Enter your Unity ID and password.
  3. From the left menu, select WebPrint.

You can also use WolfPrint’s FollowMe printer and print from Google Cloud Print.  This service allows you to print files from your smartphone, tablet, Chromebook and Android devices.  For details, see Google Cloud Print – Instructions.

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Can I print or check my printing account balance from off campus?

  • Yes, but you will first need to establish a secure link to the campus network by downloading and installing Virtual Private Network (VPN) software on your computer.
  • To obtain a free copy, go to VPN Manual Instructions and Downloads.

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What is WebPrint?

  • WebPrint is a driver-less printing service that allows users to print by uploading documents from a web browser.
  • No client software or driver installation is required.
  • WebPrint provides a simple way to enable printing from your laptop.
  • For details, see FollowMe Printing from WebPrint.

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How do I clear the print queue if my print job is not printing?

  • Users currently do not have the ability to cancel a print job from a print queue if it is not printing.
  • If you are charged without receiving your printout, you may request a refund.
  • If a print queue is jammed and no jobs are processing, please use the Report a Problem link on the left side menu in your WolfPrint account.

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If I’m not satisfied with my printout, can I get a refund?

Yes, to request a refund for an unsatisfactory print job, do the following:

  1. Go to the WolfPrint login page for PaperCut.
  2. Enter your Unity ID and password.
  3. On the left menu, click on the Recent Print Jobs link.
  4. In the status column for the print job you want refunded, click on the [request refund] link.
  5. Fill out the form provided.
  6. Click Send.
    An administrator will respond to your request.

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What happened to the old WolfPrint and what has changed?

  • WolfPrint changed from a homegrown printing application to PaperCut in June 2012.
  • WolfCopy continues to provide the printers and customer service employees for the account printers on campus.
  • OIT continues to provide the support for the backend technologies.
  • We’re using PaperCut to process the accounting function of the WolfPrint service.

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Where are the funds from my old print quota account?

  • Any unused print quota from the legacy system has been imported into your PaperCut as Print Credit.
  • You can use these funds only for printing.

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How do I request a Shared Account to fund student accounted printing?

To set up a Shared Account for students to use for printing, submit a Departmental Funding Request for Students.

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