NC State Regulations and Rules for Student IT Use

The following NC State regulations, rules and procedures apply to students when using the computing and data network resources provided by NC State. Colleges and departments may have addtional rules and procedures for the acceptable use of their IT facilities and services.

The NC State Computer Use RegulationThis link will open in a new window: This official regulation governs the acceptable use of the campus data network and computing resources for administrative, academic and personal use. Some of the regulation applies only to faculty and staff, who are state employees.

"Plain English" Summary and Guidance - REG 08.00.02 - Computer Use Regulation

Antivirus Software RegulationThis link will open in a new window: NC State Regulations require the use of approved antivirus software on all Windows and Macintosh computers connected to the NC State network. Approved antivirus software is available at no charge to all NC State students, faculty and staff. For more information, see

Copyright Infringement Policy:This link will open in a new window See also the Illegal peer-to-peer file-sharing alert memo to students from Provost Arden, the NC State Copyright Infringement siteThis link will open in a new window and the Peer-to-Peer File Sharing site.

Rules and procedures for Unity accounts and other computing systems and services supported by OIT:

See also tips for Safe Computing at NC State.

Official Policies, Regulations and Rules (PRR) Disclaimer:

This site contains information regarding policies, regulations and rules (PRRs) of North Carolina State University. To the extent of any conflict between the information on this site and the actual policy, regulation or rule, the actual policy, regulation or rule governs. NC State  policies, regulations and rules can be found at the PRR Web SiteThis link will open in a new window.