IDs & Passwords

Unity Credentials

Each student and employee at NC State automatically receive Unity credentials (an ID and a default password). These credentials enable access to many online and IT resources.

Rules and Regs for IT Use 


Some NC State employees have computing credentials that grant enhanced access to administrative computing systems and services provided by OIT.

  • System Access Request (SAR) - Automates the approval process for faculty and staff who wish to upgrade or update their access roles within campus-wide administrative systems (e.g., Student Information System, Human Resources, Financials).

  • NC State Password Standard - Explains password security required for various levels of access. 

When an employee transitions/separates from the university, the employee and his or her supervisor should use the System Access Checklist to terminate Unity access.

Parent Access to MyPack Portal

A student can grant Parental Access to certain student information via the MyPack Portal.

Identity Management

OIT's Identity Management service coordinates campus computing authentication and access to services.