Releasing and Printing a WolfPrint Job

After you have followed the instructions for Web Print or Google Cloud Print and submitted your print job, follow these instructions to finish and print it out.

Be sure to release your print job within 12 hours after you submitted it; otherwise, it will automatically be removed from the system.

  1. Choosing a Printer
    1. For a list of printers and their locations, click on the queue you submitted your print job to:
    2. Make note of the following printer location information:
      • Building (linked to the campus map)
      • Room number
      • Printer name.
    3. Printer Status
      Check for the printer status to make sure it is not offline or out of supplies.
      No data currently available.
  2. Releasing and Printing Your Job
    1. Go to your chosen printer.
      It will have a WolfPrint FollowMe sticker with the following information. (If the printer supports more than one queue, there may be multiple stickers.)

      • Print queue name  (e.g., WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite)
      • Printer name (e.g., dhl-1320-1)
      • QR Code for Touch-Free Print Release
        WolfPrint FollowMe label indicating the print queue and printer name.
    2. Chose your release method:
      • Traditional Print Release from the printer’s touch screen.
        1. Log in by either of the following methods:
          • Swipe the red stripe of your Wolfpack One Card in the printer’s card reader
          • Enter your Unity ID and password on the printer’s screen.
        2. Follow the printer’s instructions.
          1. On the screen, select Release Jobs.
          2. From the displayed list of jobs, you can choose one of these options:
            • Release and print all job
            • For an individual job, press the arrow to the right of the job and either print it or cancel it.
        3. When you finish, be sure to log out on the printer’s home screen.
      • Touch-Free print release from your phone.
        1. Scan the QR code with your phone.
        2. The QR code will take you to a page on, verify this is the site you are taken to and then enter your Unity ID and password on that page.
        3. All available jobs for release on that printer will be listed by default.  Uncheck any that you don’t want to print at this time.
        4. Tap on the print button in the bottom left to release the print jobs that are still checked.