WolfPrint FollowMe Printing

What is WolfPrint FollowMe Printing?

WolfPrint FollowMe Printing is a service that holds print jobs for printout up to 12 hours later at any supported printer on campus.  The service allows you to avoid lines at busy printers by choosing an available printer or even send a print job in one location and pick it up in another.

How does it work?

WolfPrint FollowMe Printing uses virtual printers that hold the print job until it is released at an authorized real printer.  There will be only a few FollowMe virtual printers, depending on the type of job and cost (black-and-white, color, libraries printers).

Each real printer that is part of the FollowMe printing service will have the WolfPrint FollowMe symbol (below) and the name of the virtual printer that it will release jobs from.  

WolfPrint FollowMe Symbol

How do I use FollowMe printing?

How do I login and release the print job?

Since each printer may be different, see instructions below for each type of printer.

Lexmark Printers:

  1. Swipe your Wolfpack One Card in the card reader on the printer to log in. Use the red stripe.
    If you do not have your Wolfpack One Card or the card swipe does not work, use the printer screen with your Unity ID and password. 
  2. Select "Release Jobs" on the screen.
  3. The jobs you have printed to the FollowMe queue serviced by that printer will display on the screen.  You will be able to either release all jobs or press the arrow to the right of a job name and release or cancel that particular job.
  4. When finished remember to log out from the home screen.

How long do I have to release my print job?

Each print job will be held for up to 12 hours after it was initially printed.

What virtual printers are available and which real printers service them?

The virtual printers are WoflPrint-BlackAndWhite, WolfPrint-Color, WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries, WolfPrint-Color-Libraries. 

LocationReal Printer(s)Virtual Printer
Avent Ferry Room 104afc-104-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Biltmore/Robertson Room 3032bl-3032-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Bragaw Hall Room 142br-142-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Brooks Hall Room 209bs-209-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries
Brooks Hall Room 111bs-111-color1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite, WolfPrint-Color
Brooks Hall Room 203bs-203-color1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite, WolfPrint-Color
Brooks Hall Room 316bs-316-color1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite, WolfPrint-Color
Brooks Hall Room 318bs-318-color1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite, WolfPrint-Color
Daniels Room 203dan-203-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Daniels Room 203dan-203-color1WolfPrint-Color-Libraries
Daniels Room 226dan-226-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Daniels Room 243dan-243-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
DH Hill Library Room 1102dhl-1102-1 (-2,-3,-4)WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries
DH Hill Library Room 1102dhl-1102-color1WolfPrint-Color-Libraries
DH Hill Library Room 1132dhl-1132-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries
DH Hill Library Room 1133dhl-1133-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries
DH Hill Library Room 1204dhl-1204-1, dhl-1204-2WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries
DH Hill Library Room 2413dhl-2413-1, dhl-2413-2WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
DH Hill Library Room 2413dhl-2413-color1WolfPrint-Color
DH Hill Library Room 3413dhl-3413-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries
DH Hill Library Room 4413dhl-4413-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries
DH Hill Library Room 5413dhl-5413-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries
DH Hill Library Room 6402dhl-6402-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries
DH Hill Library Room 7402dhl-7402-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries
DH Hill Library Room 8402dhl-8402-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries
DH Hill Library Room 9402dhl-9402-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries
DH Hill Library Ground Floor, Room 400dhl-g400-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries
Engineering Building I Room B04eb1-b04-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Engineering Building II Room 1046eb2-1046-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Engineering Building II Room 1235eb2-1235-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Engineering Building III Room 2108eb3-2108-1, eb3-2108-2WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Engineering Building III Room 2108eb3-2108-color1WolfPrint-Color
ES King Village Building P Room 122kvp-122-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
First Year College Room 107fyc-107-2WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Honors Village Commons Room 206hvc-206-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Hunt Library Room 2320jhl-2320-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries
Hunt Library Room 3200jhl-3200-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries
Hunt Library Room 3200jhl-3200-color1WolfPrint-Color-Libraries
Hunt Library Room 3200jhl-4300-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries
Hunt Library Room 4520jhl-4520-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries
Hunt Library Room 5303jhl-5303-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries
Jordan Room 1102jor-1102-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite-Libraries
Jordan Room 2105a-1jor-2105a-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Kamphoefner Room 200kam-200-color1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite, WolfPrint-Color
Kamphoefner Room 400kam-400-color1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite, WolfPrint-Color
Language and Computer Labs Room 109lau-109-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Language and Computer Labs Room 214lau-214-2WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Leazar Hall Room 240LEZ-240-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Leazar Hall Room 300lez-300-color1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite, WolfPrint-Color
Lee Hall Lobby Room 1007lee-1007-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Mann Room 320mn-320-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Mann Room 320mn-320-color1WolfPrint-Color
MetCalf Room 101met-101-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Nelson Room B411n-b411-2WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Nelson Room B411n-b411-color1WolfPrint-Color
North Hall Room 119nor-119-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Poe Room 106poe-106-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Poe Room 400poe-400-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Poe Room 417poe-417-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
SAS Room 2105Csas-2105c-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Sullivan Room 103sul-103-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Talley Student Centertsc-4121-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Talley Student Centertsc-4121-color1WolfPrint-Color
Textiles Room 2328tx-2328-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Textiles Room 4415tx-4415-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Tompkins Hall Room 113t-113-1, t-113-2WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Tompkins Hall Room 113t-113-color1WolfPrint-Color
Veterinary Medicinevet-a110-2WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Wolf Ridge Building-Tower Hall Room 163hoa-163-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Wolf Village Room 101uag-101-1, uag-101-2WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Williams Room 1400wms-1400-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Withers Room 131wi-131-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Winston Room 118wn-118-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
Winston Room 133wn-133-1WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite