Use NC State VPN to access SAR from off campus

Effective April 4, System Access Request users must log in to the NC State Virtual Private Networking service when attempting to access SAR from off campus

Users can then navigate to the MyPack Portal to access the SAR system, which controls secure access to many university data systems.

The NC State VPN service provides remote and highly secure access to mapped drives and other campus resources. Using the VPN increases the security for SAR to further protect it against cyber threats. 

Using SAR On Campus

SAR users do not need to use the VPN to access SAR from any on-campus wired or wireless network service such as ncsu or eduroam

NC State VPN

  • To learn more about the VPN service and how to install and use it, visit Virtual Private Networking (VPN) Service
  • All campus IT users are reminded to use the VPN when connecting remotely to the NC State campus network to access sensitive data. 


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