Communications – Phone and UC Services

Ordering a phone for a new office?     Thinking of upgrading your existing phone?     Need to set up voicemail?

     Wondering if WebEx could meet your conferencing needs?     Curious about collaboration options?

ComTech offers Phone Services, Video Conferencing and Mobility Solutions across the campus.


Phone Services and Video Conferencing:

All phone services and video conferencing accounts are ordered by Departmental Coordinators with access to PCR360 Customer Center. Contact your Departmental Coordinator to request new telephone/data service, change a service location, or remove a service.

Business Communications and Collaboration Solutions:

  • Cisco Jabber – IM and chat, voice messaging, desktop sharing, softphone, voicemail management and more, on multiple device platforms.
  • Single Number Reach – Ring multiple phones when calls come into your desk phone.
  • Cisco IP Communicator – Windows PC-based application that allows users to make calls using just their computer.
  • Extension Mobility – Allows users to associate their phone number and user profile with any Cisco IP phone.

The ComTech Business Communications group also has a number of solutions that may improve the workflow and/or productivity in your office.  These solutions include conference calls, caller input based routing/menus, and call centers.  To talk with a member of our team about any of our solutions, please visit ComTech Business Communications, or contact us at

 Service Rates:

Repair and Support:

  • Contact the ComTech Network Operations Center in one of these ways:
  • If your phone is not working properly, here are several things you can check before you call to report a telephone issue:
    • Is your phone plugged into the proper telephone jack?
    • If your phone has a power supply, is it plugged into the electrical outlet?
    • Is your phone is ringing busy when someone calls you and you’re not on the phone?
      If so, your phone is probably forwarded to an invalid number. To clear the forwarding, dial 11#.
  •  Training and Resources – Online tutorial and Quick Reference Guides.
  • Access and Dept Management – If you require access to the PCR Customer Center, please use this form – This form also allows for the management of current users of the system, and management of departmental changes, such as Project IDs and OUCs.