Avent-Ferry Pilot Space

Welcome to the Avent-Ferry Pilot Space! You and your team can try out several available workspaces. Below are descriptions of the various space configurations, instructions for reserving a space, and technology user guides.

What’s On This Page:

We would love your feedback if you or your team use one of these pilot spaces! Click the button below to access our quick survey.

Map of the Avent-Ferry pilot spaces with each kind of space highlighted a different color.

How to Reserve a Room

At this time, only an OIT staff member may schedule rooms in the pilot space. 

  1. Open your Google Workspace Calendar.
  2. Create an Event.
  3. Select a Date.
  4. Click on Add Time and select a time.
  5. Click on Add Rooms or Location.
  6. In the search bar in the open window,
    type the abbreviation for the building (afh).
  7. Select the desired room, if available, from the list of available rooms in that building.
    To also see the scheduled rooms, click on: Include unavailable rooms.


Reservable Spaces:

Huddle Rooms

This is the floor plan with the huddle rooms highlighted.
Each Huddle Room has a different layout and can accommodate different numbers of people.
  • Huddle Rooms are small, private meeting rooms for 4-7 people that can also be used for video conferencing (Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, and Teams).
  • Equipment: Wall-mounted display, Neat bar (Zoom appliance) with camera, microphone, and speakers.
  • Room numbers:
    • 205J-Huddle Room 1: Sofa, 2 chairs with writing desks, circle table, seats 5.
    • 205K-Huddle Room 2: Bar height table with 2 stools, 2 chairs with attached writing desks, seats 4;
    • 205L-Huddle Room 3: 7 chairs, bar height conference table, seats 7;
    • 205M-Huddle Room 4: 4 chairs with attached writing desks, seats 4;
    • 205N-Huddle Room 5: Half-circle table, 3 chairs, sofa with attached writing desk, seats 5.
  • Zoom Room Instructions:

Team Cubes

Floor plan showing only the Team Cubes highlighted.
Team Cube 1 has 8 workstations, 8 lockers, a conference table, large LCD display, and moveable whiteboards.
Team Cube 2 has 4 workstations, a bar height table and stools, 4 lockers, an LCD display, and moveable whiteboards.
Team Cube 3 has 4 workstations, 4 lockers, an LCD display, and whiteboards.
Team Cube 4 has 6 workstations, a conference table, an LCD display, and whiteboards.
  • Team Cubes are open pods intended for team collaboration. They are NOT enabled for video conferencing.
  • Equipment: 65″ LCD display, Cynap system for screen mirroring, and whiteboards. Each seat has a single 27″ 4k monitor or two 27″ 1920 x 1080 monitors. They also contain a wired keyboard, mouse, and a laptop docking station.
  • Room numbers:
    • 207C-Team Cube 1: 8 chairs with open workstations, 8 lockers, conference table, seats 8;
    • 207F-Team Cube 2: 4 chairs with open workstations, 4 lockers, bar height table & stools, seats 4;
    • 209D-Team Cube 3: 4 chairs with open workstations, 4 lockers, seats 4;
    • 209F-Team Cube 4: 6 chairs with open workstations, no lockers, conference table, seats 6.
  • Wireless Casting Instructions:
  • Laptop Docking Stations 


Floorplan with only the individual cubicles highlighted.
Individual cubicles had either 1 or 2 monitors, wired keyboard and mouse, laptop docking station, and space to store your belongings.
  • Cubicles are single, open workspaces for individuals. They are NOT enabled for video conferencing.
  • Equipment: whiteboard, two monitors (either 22″, 24″, or 27″), wired keyboard and mouse, and laptop docking station.
  • Room numbers: 211O-Cube 1; 211P-Cube 2; 211Q-Cube 3; 211R-Cube 4; 220C-Cube 5; 220D-Cube 6; 220E-Cube 7; 241B-Cube 8; 241C-Cube 9; 241D-Cube 10; 241E-Cube 11; 241F-Cube 12; 224E-Cube 13; 224F-Cube 14; 224G-Cube15.
  • Laptop Docking Stations 

Private Offices

Floorplan with only the private offices highlighted.
Private offices have 2 monitors, wired keyboard and mouse, laptop docking station, and space to store your belongings.
  • Private Offices are private workspaces for individuals. They support video conferencing.
  • Equipment: two 24″ LCD monitors, wired keyboard and mouse, Logitech BCC 950 (all-in-one microphone, speaker, and camera), and laptop docking station.
  • Room numbers: 205B-Office 1; 205C-Office 2; 205D-Office 3; 205E-Office 4.
  • Logitech Instructions: This device is plugged into the laptop dock and requires no drivers. Please select it in the application if it is not automatically selected during your video conferencing sessions. For Zoom, you should see listings for it on the Camera and Mic/Audio menus.
  • Laptop Docking Stations 

Large Team Collaboration Space

Floorplan with only the Large Team Collaboration Space highlighted.
The Collaboration Space is broken up into 3 sections: one sections is a conference table that seats 8, another is a bar-height table with 4 chairs, and the last section has bleachers. Everything is on wheels and moveable. There are white boards and an LCD display.
  • The Large Team Collaboration Space is a large, open teamwork space that can accommodate up to 20 people if reserved together. It does not support video conferencing. This space is divided into three sections, each reserved individually.
  • Equipment: 65″ LCD display, a Cynap system for screen mirroring, stadium seating, conference tables, and whiteboards.
  • Room numbers:
    • 228E-Team Collab Space 1: Conference table, 8 chairs, dry erase boards, seats 8;
    • 228H-Team Collab Space 2: Bleachers dry erase board, seats 6-8;
    • 228I-Team Collab Space 3: Small table, 4 chairs, dry erase boards, 65″ LCD display, seats 4.
  • Wireless Casting Instructions:

Non-Reservable Spaces:

Touchdown Spaces

Floorplan with only the touchdown spaces highlighted.
The Touchdown Spaces are very different. Some have moveable desks, some have 2 monitors, some are oversized chairs with a laptop desk. There are laptop docking stations and spaces to store items.
  • Touchdown Spaces are non-reservable spaces that can be used as needed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Touchdown spaces do not support video conferencing.
  • Equipment: Oversize chairs with laptop tables, and desks with 27″ 4k monitor, wired keyboard and mouse, and laptop docking station. The desks can be raised up and down.
  • Laptop Docking Stations 


Floorplan with only the lobby space highlighted.
The lobby has furniture for sitting, a large conference table, and some oversized chairs with laptop tables.
  • The Lobby is made up of non-reservable spaces that can be used as needed on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Equipment: Couch, chairs, conference table.

Pilot Space Matrix

Can’t decide which space is right for you or your team? Look at the matrix below to help you compare the spaces and see which would best fit your needs. 

 SeatsReservablePrivateSupports Video ConferencingWall DisplayWorkspace MonitorsWired Keyboard & MouseLaptop Docking Station
Huddle Rooms4-7*✅🚫🚫🚫
Team Cubes4-8🚫🚫
Private Offices2🚫
Team Collaboration Space12-20🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫
Touchdown Space1🚫🚫🚫🚫
*Huddle Rooms are Zoom rooms that support Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams.

Best practices for reserving space

Available spaces during the Avent Ferry (AF) space pilot

New spaces are available for OIT staff to try out, and don’t forget that our existing, larger conference rooms are still available to reserve (Rooms 106, 110, 203, etc.) for meetings that fit those needs. 

Touchdown spaces – stop by & work anytime

  • Several individual cubes and workspaces are available for drop-ins.
  • No reservation is required.
  • Use for an hour, a half day, or a full day.
  • Locker available for personal belongings.
  • Don’t forget to give us feedback – be sure to fill out the survey after using any of these spaces.

Reservable spaces

  • Reserve individual cubes, team cubes, small private offices, and small huddle (meeting) rooms.
  • Lockers available in some areas for personal belongings.
  • Reserve using Google Calendar (search for rooms – see instructions).
    • You can invite the resource to your meeting along with other guests.
    • For group meetings, consider checking “modify event” so that your guests can suggest an alternative time if need to reschedule.
  • If using Zoom, Meet, etc. in a Huddle Room, choose the appropriate service from the Add Video Conferencing field in the Google Calendar event details.
    • Huddle Spaces support Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx, etc.
  • Available to reserve hourly, half days, or whole days. 
    • If you are reserving space for regular meetings (day/time) with team members, we encourage you to try out different room configurations and provide feedback on which ones worked the best for your team. 
  • OIT staff members can see who has reserved the spaces in case you want to try and sit near colleagues or coordinate work schedules with proximity and/or other meetings. 
  • Reserve in advance, and cancel your reservation if your plans change.
  • Rooms not occupied after 15 minutes might mean losing space if someone waits.
  • Be sure to leave the spaces as you find them, especially if you have had food or drink. Be sure you check for personal belongings before you finish for the day. 
  • Furnishings should not be moved among rooms – please leave all furnishings in the assigned room.  If a particular item is considered beneficial in a different room, please indicate that via the feedback form.

People with offices and spaces in AF

In addition to these pilot spaces and conference rooms, some OIT staff have maintained their regular offices or cube space and are coming in regularly. These spaces should be marked with a name and are not reservable.

Technology Help

Click on the links below to access guides on using technology found in the pilot spaces.


  • C permits are valid in the AFTC parking lot.
  • For driving directions and parking information, visit the University Campus Map
  • Pay by plate for visitors is now available at AFTC$3 for the first hour and $2 for additional hours. There are 15 spaces on the north side of AFTC for visitors to pay by plate.


If you need assistance scheduling one of these spaces, contact the NC State Help Desk.