Work Attire

The way each of us dresses significantly influences the perception of our professionalism as a team.  Selection of attire for the day should take into consideration the interactions the employee expects to have. Even informal encounters with stakeholders external to OIT can shape perception, so work attire should always be professional and meet the following guidelines:

  • Every employee is expected to maintain a neat, clean, professional appearance.
  • Clothing should be appropriate for the work role and the business unit’s function.
  • Items with logos or slogans should be in good taste, professional in appearance, and not offensive to the general public or coworkers.
  • Open-toed shoes may pose a safety concern and should be worn with caution.
  • Clothing should never be ill-fitting, ragged or revealing.
  • Any item that creates a distraction or impairs the ability to carry out job functions is inappropriate.
  • Inappropriately dressed employees may be asked to change clothing, and all time spent doing so must be accounted for as time away from work.

Given the varying degrees of interaction between departmental staff and other professionals, each unit head may develop additional unit guidelines for work attire and gain approval for them from the Vice Chancellor for Information Technology.