Web Conferencing Services

NC State provides an array of audio and video conferencing solutions for all types of meetings. Whether you are hosting a quick conference call with a few participants, a collaborative document review meeting, or a training session, we’ve got you covered. All services require an active unityid@ncsu.edu email address in order to host a meeting, although meeting participants are not required to have an NC State affiliation.

Web Conferencing Services at NC State

See the table below to read about Standard features shared by ALL services, and the Extended features offered by each.

Standard Features by All Services

  • Video Chat and Audio Participation (anyone on/off campus)
  • Dial-in Numbers
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux OS Support
  • Live Streaming (via various options per service)
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • 50 - 200 Participants (some services offer more)
  • Text Chat
  • Screen and App Sharing
  • iOS and Android Mobile Device Support
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for Accessibility
  • Whiteboard and SketchpadΒ (Hangouts - via Jamboard)

Extended Features by Service

Feature Hangouts Meet Zoom WebEx (WolfMeeting) & Cloud
Session Recording
Β πŸ†‡Β  βœ… βœ…
Learning Tools Integration πŸ†‡ βœ…
(via Moodle/WolfWare)


Polling πŸ†‡ βœ… βœ…
Quizzes πŸ†‡ βœ…
(via Top Hat)
Maximum Participants 50 100 250 – WolfMeeting
200 – Cloud
Breakout Sessions πŸ†‡ βœ… βœ…
Session Reports πŸ†‡ βœ… βœ…
Remote Desktop Assistance πŸ†‡ βœ… βœ…
Automatic Real-Time Captions (CC) βœ… πŸ†‡ πŸ†‡
Cost Free Free and premium Premium

If you require assistance in selecting the best option for your needs, contact the NC State Help DeskΒ or your school or department technical support representative.