Survey Trends

We have been surveying ResNet subscribers since 1998. It is interesting to look at how the data changes over time. This page contains some of that data.

  • “While here at NC State, I have used computer network access to such a degree that it has hindered my academic success.”
    Though the percent of respondents who agree with this statement has fluctuated, there is an overall increase from 18% at the lowest in 1998 to a peak at 31.17% in 2010, which has declined in the years following. [ see graph ]
  • “What is the primary operating system you use?”
    Windows usage has consistently been over 90%, until 2008 when it dropped to 86.1%. Windows usage fell each year between 2008 and 2012, after which Windows usage plateaued around 68.5%. Linux usage has fluctuated between 1 and 3%, dropping to below 1% in 2003 and reaching its highest usage of 2.99% in 2009. MacOS usage was also at its highest in 1998 at almost 5%, stabilized at over 3% for a number of years, and then began rising in 2008 to peak in 2012 and 2013. iOS and Android were included as choices for the first time in the 2014 survey. [ see graphs ]
  • “How often do you use a campus computing lab?”
    Lab usage remained constant from 1998 until 2009 with approximately 41% of respondents indicating they used a lab at least once per week and 10% saying they never used labs. The number of respondents who used a lab at least once per week has fallen steadily since 2010. Between 2012 and 2014, fewer than 30% of respondents said they used a lab once per week, while more than 20% said they never use labs. [ see graph ]
  • “About how much do you actively use your ResNet service on an average day?”
    The surveys indicate an initial decline in the number of respondents reporting less than an hour of usage per day, followed by many years of approximately 1.5% reporting this minimal usage. As for people reporting usage of 9 or more hours per day, there was a huge initial increase, from 8.6% to 26.53% between 1998 and 2001. After this peak in 2001, there was a steady decline in reports of 9+ hours of usage per day. The trend has leveled off at 14-16% of respondents reporting at least 9 hours of usage per day. [ see graph ]
  • “Do you use ResNet with a laptop or desktop?”
    This is the most dramatic trend of all. Since 1998 there has been a steady decrease in desktop usage and steady increase in laptop usage. 1998 was the peak in desktop usage and the lowest laptop usage. 2012 saw the highest laptop usage (90.16%) and lowest desktop usage (1.50%). Students reporting they use both has fluctuated between 6 and 10% since 2004. Please note that in 2007 the word ‘laptop’ was replaced with ‘portable’ and was expanded to include tablet computers. [ see graph ]
  • “Would you prefer to have ResNet service your laptop in your room or drop it off somewhere to be fixed? ”
    This question was first asked in 2005, when the number of respondents preferring in-room service was the highest (76%), falling to 33.89% in 2009. The number of respondents preferring to drop their computer off to be fixed has steadily risen from 11.57% in 2005 to 56.22% in 2009. This question has not been asked since the 2009 survey. [ see graph ]
  • Additional trend data


Would you prefer to have ResNet service your laptop in your room or drop it off somewhere to be fixed?