Bronto at NC State

What is Bronto?

Bronto is a cloud based software service that specializes in facilitating mass mailings. Bronto allows groups at NC State with large mailing needs to customize, target and monitor their communications. By offering a streamlined and uniform solution for large mailings, Bronto helps campus clients control the cost of email marketing and reduces vulnerabilities associated with spam and phishing attacks.

NC State currently has an Enterprise Agreement with Bronto that allows departments and units to save money by consolidating new and existing Bronto accounts under one umbrella while still retaining autonomy in managing their communications.

Bronto is a preferred solution for mass mailings at NC State. As changes are made to the university’s email infrastructure, Bronto customers will be minimally impacted relative to other mass mailing services used on campus.

For additional information, see Bronto.

NC State’s SuiteSuccess Agreement with Bronto

In January 2021, OIT moved to Bronto’s new SuiteSuccess agreement which provides the same services we had with our earlier agreement, but at a better price for both mailings and sub-accounts. To keep contracts in a similar time frame, this new agreement ends on June 14, 2021. We have 14 sub-accounts with up to 10 users in each sub-account managing their mailings on a monthly basis. 

While the renewal for 2021 ends in June, we do have the ability to onboard additional customers between now and the end of this agreement (June 14) for a one-time cost of $500 plus mailings.

To join or inquire about joining this agreement, contact OIT at

Help & Support

Support from Bronto

For help in learning to use the Bronto application, your best option is to start with Bronto’s online help and learning center, which provides both online documentation and short tutorials/videos. In addition, Bronto offers assistance from their support staff via live chat within the portal. You must log in to your Bronto account to access these resources.

Support from OIT

If you have an issue with your Bronto account (e.g., password changes), need changes or additions to your email allocation, or have questions about email accessibility best practices, contact OIT for support at

Support from other Bronto users

If you have questions about email marketing best practices or university branding requirements, we recommend you consult the broader community of Bronto users at NC State. OIT maintains the Google Group to facilitate these discussions. If you would like to be added to that group, contact

Federal CAN-SPAM Act Requirements

The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 establishes certain standards for sending mass email. The Federal Trade Commission maintains CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business to help ensure compliance with this act. Bronto monitors emails sent through its service for CAN-SPAM Act compliance and will add necessary header or footer information if not present in your messages to ensure compliance.

Best practices for using Bronto at NC State

To avoid suspicious or “spammy” behavior, it is important to establish a regular cadence for large mailings originating at the domain. OIT staff have prepared Bronto Large Mailing Scheduling guidelines to ensure that your medium and large mailings do not conflict with those sent by other Bronto customers.

In addition, University Communications has compiled recommended NC State Email Marketing Best Practices.

NC State-Branded Content Tags & Email Generator

Content tags allow you to insert reusable “blocks” of content into your messages using Bronto’s drag-and-drop Email Message Editor. In addition to building your own content tags, OIT staff have built a collection of content tags for use in your emails. These content tags have been designed with university branding guidelines, email accessibility best practices, and CAN-SPAM Act compliance in mind.

NC State-branded content tags are available from OIT on request.

University Communications offers Email Generator to assist users in creating on-brand emails.