Secure File Transfer

You can transfer files between computers over the Internet. Even though the word “transfer” is used when discussing this process, a file is actually copied, not moved, to a new location. To do this at NC State you will need to:

  • Use a secure file transfer program (SFTP) and
  • Log in with your Unity ID and password.

Transferring files with a Web browser is not secure and can no longer be done over the NC State campus network.

Internet Connection

You will need a broadband connection. For additional details, see Remote Access Services.


  • In a graphical environment, you can transfer a file by simply dragging and dropping it into the desired folder at another location. Graphical programs include:
    • WinSCP (Windows)
    • gFTP (Linux, Max OS X, Unix, BSD)
  • In a non-graphical (command line) environment, you will need to type in various commands at a prompt in order to manipulate files (list, copy, remove) and create directories (folders). For more information, see:

If you need more help with secure file transfer, contact the NC State Help Desk.