Service Agreement Overview

Service Agreement Overview

Users of OIT’s Web hosting service will be asked to sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which will outline the responsibilities of OIT and the customer, as well as providing some general information on policies of NC State University. ¬†In general, OIT is the owner of the service, but the customer is the owner of the content on the web site.¬†Please be sure to read the SLA for all of the details.


Details of Service Agreement

The customer will be responsible for:

  • cPanel account maintenance:
    • Maintain and secure cPanel administrator account
    • Maintain and secure any sub-accounts
  • creating and maintaining any content or scripts to be delivered by the service
  • specifying and implementing “short URLs” and their location within the provided file space
  • links to NC State and non-NC State pages
  • checking all pages for linkages
  • providing OIT the names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of critical contact personnel
  • making sure content stored within the website, or requested by the website is in compliance with:
    • requirements of University policies
    • FERPA, HIPPA, GLB, ECPA, CFAA and all other applicable federal and state laws regarding confidentiality of information
  • Credit Card Numbers (including the Card Security Code), in whole or in part, encrypted or unencrypted may not be stored on or within this service.
  • receiving the approval of any third-tier domain names
  • abiding by the University’s Computer Use Regulation

If the server is not registered in the domain, the customer is also responsible for:

  • registration and payment of domain registration fees and charges
  • securing approval for NC State to handle the domain
  • Continuing renewal payments for domain registration

OIT will not be responsible for:

  • maintaining or creating any content to be delivered by the service (unless so contracted by a separate SLA)
  • any copyright infringements caused by the unauthorized use of copyrighted material
  • any authorizations, approvals, or payments for non-“” domains
  • migration of any and all content as a function of executing an exit strategy

OIT will be responsible for:

  • providing backups
  • generating renewal SLA’s, if desired, on an annual basis
  • introductory training classes and Tier 1 support for the “Lite” version of the service; OIT will attempt to answer all questions, but no guaranteed level of support.

Restrictions on this service

  • Customer may not implement a mail hosting service
  • E-mail generated by any applications must be routed through
  • OIT reserves the right to disable any script aliases, scripts, or “server-side includes” that are – in the opinion of the AD for Systems & Middleware Services (or their designate) – misbehaving, run-away, or consuming excessive CPU resources.