Conficker worm attack set for April 1; OIT staff take precautions to protect campus

OIT Security & Compliance (S&C) staff, in cooperation with IT staff across campus, are taking precautions to protect the campus from malicious activities caused by PCs infected with the Conficker worm. On April 1, report S&C staff, “the latest variant of Conficker (WORM_DOWNAD.KK) is set to modify the way it communicates with other infected botnet nodes (PCs, servers), and will also increase the number of machines it attempts to contact in order to infect them.” For more information, see the recent SysNews post.

To protect against Conficker and other malware, keep your computer’s system patches and antivirus protection up-to-date. Trend Micro & Intego anti-virus software is now available free to all NC State students, faculty and staff for home or campus use, free of charge. To download your antivirus software or for the latest antivirus news, visit