MacTech 04142009

MacTech Group Agenda

April 14, 2009

2:30 to 4:30 — Room B16-B Hillsborough Bld.

Announcements – 5 min

OIT will support only version 10.3 or newer of Mac OS X after Dec 31, 2008.

OIT will support only version 10.4 or newer of Mac OS X after Dec 31, 2009.

OIT  does not have a  support policy for Boot Camp.

OIT  does not support Classic mode on either ppc or intel hardware at all.

MacOS AMP Licenses and Media at

SymantecVirus from OIT must legally be removed from all computers by June 15, 2009.  

VirusBarrior X5 – Update defs with NetUpdate.

OIT Macintosh Support Web Site for updates.

Unity Macintosh Kit uses /Users/$uid$ in the LDAPv3 configuration to create a local home on each machine at login

Modified Unity Macintosh Kits are supported by the unit which has made the modifications

Due to budget restrictions OIT will not have a representative at WWDC 2009

Last paper agenda today!  See going forward.

Mid-Spring 2009 Lab Kit for 2009 Apple Hardware- 15 min.

OIT has created and changed to default a new Lab Kit to work with 2009 Apple hardware.  This kit is 10.5.6 and has been tested on iMac 2009, iMac 17 2007, and MacMini 2007.  Discussion.

New OIT Macintosh Support Web Page – 10 min.

Discussion of new support page for Macintosh.

Needs for Summer and Fall Kits – 20 min.

Discussion and Feedback on what is needed for Summer Fall Kits. WolfTech rebinder,  multi-boot, when to go Snow Leopard, CS4 suit, other needs?  

Clarification on Private Macintosh Kits – 20 min.

When building from Unity Macintosh Lab Kit:

Must have license for: 1) Mac OS X version in kit and 2) MS Office version in kit.

Must remove iWork all versions and Final Cut Express.

NOTE: Some versions of the software protected by Keyserver and require a persistent network connection.

Keyed software may have priority reservations at certain times of the day and/or week with limited copies available.

Mac OS X Server and Help Desk Support Pro – 20 min.

The NC State Bookstores has purchased Apple Care Mac OS X server Software Support – Select for the entire campus! OIT will administer.  We are in the process of registering and understanding the product.  This is one year license and will expire April 1, 2010.  Discussion.

Q&A – 15 min

You ask we try to answer.

 Next meeting – Tuesday. May 12, 2009 in Room B16-B Hillsborough from 2:30-4:30 pm.   

MacTech – 2nd Tuesday each month: 2009: Jan. 13, Feb. 10, Mar. 10, Apr. 14, May. 12, Jun. 9, Jul. 14, Aug. 11, Sep. 8, Oct. 13, Nov. 10, Dec.8 

MacPolicy – 2nd Tuesday of every other month:  2009: Jan. 13, Mar. 10, May. 12, Jul. 14, Sep. 8, Nov. 10.

All meetings will be held in B16-B Hillsborough Bld. 

Please mark your calendar.