Unity Macintosh Lab Kit for Fall 2008 – 07252008

Information about the Current OIT Unity Macintosh Lab kit.

Effective Fall 2008 OIT is providing a Universal Lab Kit for Power PC (ppc) and Intel (i386) based Macintosh hardware supporting 32 bit and 64 bit machines where possible.

OIT Unity Macintosh Lab kits create local home directories (ie /Users/)for each user that logs in on each machine.

Use the MyAFS link to save files to traditional Unity AFS file space.  This means that user preferences and Library files will not follow the users from one machine to the next.

Known issues
Full List of Applications
Setting Up WolfCopy Printers

Major Macintosh Applications:

Known Issues:

1) When printing a Unity ID and password will be required each time a print request is made to a WolfCopy printer. Printing now uses the Apple supported CUPS mechanisms instead of LPRNG used in the past. Have a look at https://www.ncsu.edu/mac/labs/cups.html to see how to setup printers.

2) On Power PC (PPC) only machines Symantic Antivirus will fail to open until Live Update is run. Intel (i386) machines are not effected.

Fix: Try running sudo /Applications/Symantec Solutions/LiveUpdate.app/Contents/MacOS/LiveUpdate -update LUal -liveupdatequiet YES -liveupdateautoquit YES from terminal

or using ARD’s Send Unix… as the user root use “/Applications/Symantec Solutions/LiveUpdate.app/Contents/MacOS/LiveUpdate” -update LUal -liveupdatequiet YES -liveupdateautoquit Yes

3) On Intel machines the Network system preferences panel will crash when clicked on. PPC machines do not seem to be effected. Fix is to add back the “Airport.menu” Menu Extra removed in the kit to secure the unused Airport card in Unity Labs. A copy of the Airport.menu 5.2.1 from any intel 10.5.4 machine will work. OIT has provided Airport.menu.zip on the same server as the kit image. After downloading the good copy use ARD Send Unix… to copy the unzipped, good Airport.menu to /System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/Airport.menu. NOTE: The Network Preference Panel will also crash if Bluetooth is clicked because of a missing BlueTooth.menu. Most labs do not use the Airport interface because a wired ethernet connection is required for netboot. If not using the Airport card OIT recommends that this fix not be applied.

4) The MathType equation editor is not yet available for Office 2008 and will be added when it becomes available. NOTE: Due to the non-Apple installer this package will be available in the Spring 2009 image.

5) MS Office 2008 updates was activating for all users not just administrative users. Push the following UNIX commands with ARD to fix:

chmod o-x /Library/Application Support/Microsoft/MAU2.0/Microsoft AutoUpdate.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft AutoUpdate

6) In the name and password dialog for CUPS Mac OS X 10.5 will automatically fill in the user’s full name instead of the short username that is required.

Push these commands with ARD’s Send UNIX… to fix:

defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.NetworkAuthorization UseShortName -bool YES

defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.NetworkAuthorization UseDefaultName -bool NO

See also: http://www.ncsu.edu/mac/labs/cups.html#cupsshortname


7) vpython will not run on ppc. vpython was imaged as intel only binary. A new package installer that will overlay on the image the correct ppc install in the /sw folder can now be found at: http://vpython.org/download/VPython3.2.11_PowerPC_OSX_5.pkg.dmg Push the package with ard to fix.

8) Adobe Flash CS 3 application (V9.0) will not run on PPC machines. This issue has been verified and is caused by the Mach-O executable ppc code bundle being corrupted while the i386 portion is not. Copy a good application binary into /Applications/Adobe/Adobe Flash CS3/ fixes the issue. OIT has made availabe a zipped copy of the keyed application in the same location as the kit image. Contact help@ncsu.edu or 919-515-HELP if you need access. Unzip the application after downloading it, use the ARD Send Unix… comand to copy the binary to /Applications/Adobe/Adobe Flash CS3/ with replacing.

9) Matlab 2008a will not run on PPC machines. This is because MathWorks has choosen to support only Intel Macintosh hardware with their products starting with 2008a and going forward. See http://www.mathworks.com/support/solutions/data/1-609GMS.html for vendor support information.

Fix by doing the following using ARD:

NOTE: If the AdminLauncher preferences have been changed then these commands will have unpredictable results.Verify before making the changes.

a) Copy the MathLab 2007b folder from a working PPC install to /Applications on the installed machine. OIT has created a zip archive of 2007b for PPC called MATLAB_R2007b.zip on the same server as the lab install image to make this easier. Just unzip the archive and copy the resulting MATLAB_R2007b folder to /Applications.


b) add MatLab 2007b to the AminLauncher’s Default Tab using /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy by:

/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c “Set AppTabs:0:Applications:26:path ‘file://localhost/Applications/MATLAB_R2007b/bin/mac/StartMATLAB.app/'” /Library/Application Support/AdminLauncher/edu.ncstate.ALConfig.plist

Can verify both before and after with the command:

/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c “Print AppTabs:0:Applications:26:path” /Library/Application Support/AdminLauncher/edu.ncstate.ALConfig.plist

The correct path string should be file://localhost/Applications/MATLAB_R2007b/bin/mac/StartMATLAB.app/

Also set the value in the Math Tab using the command:

/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c “Set AppTabs:7:Applications:9:path ‘file://localhost/Applications/MATLAB_R2007b/bin/mac/StartMATLAB.app/'” /Library/Application Support/AdminLauncher/edu.ncstate.ALConfig.plist

NOTE: If the AdminLauncher preferences have been changed then these commands will have unpredictable results. Verify before making the changes.

Also on Intel machines the path should be file://localhost/Applications/MATLAB_R2008a/bin/maci/StartMATLAB.smat

c) remove MathLab 2008a by:

rm -Rf /Applications/MATLAB_R2008a


Most updates are only minor version number updates to bring the applications to their current version as of July 10, 2008. See the Full List for detailed version information on all applications.

Full List of Applications: