OIT to implement new process for removing employee security access

The OIT will implement on May 4 a new automated security access removal process for employees who leave the university or transfer to another department. This application will remove security access roles and row level security from the Human Resources (HR), Financial (FIN) and and Student PeopleSoft systems on the effective date of an HR Action after close of business (evening processing).

For those familiar with the System Access Request (SAR) application, this will be synonymous with entering a SAR Revoke request, but will happen automatically. Employee access to the MyPack Portal Self Service pages will not be affected by this process. Employees who transfer to a new department will need to have that department enter a SAR request to add the appropriate roles and row level security for their new position. This process is being implemented to ensure that all PeopleSoft security access is removed for employees who leave a position. In the past, employees who were terminated or transferred between departments might have retained access to a previous department’s HR, FIN or Student application data. This new process, approved by the primary university data stewards, eliminates the possibility of a transferred or terminated employee still having access to job functions and data they are no longer entitled to have.