Government-issued ID required to get new AllCampus Card

Effective June 7, university faculty and staff are required to present a valid government-issued ID such as a driver’s license or passport that bears their picture and either an address of record or nationality in order to receive a new AllCampus Card. They will also have to return their current campus ID.

OIT Security and Compliance is requesting the verification process to avoid fraudulent receipt or use of the AllCampus Card. This level of verification is also required for the potential use of the card in accessing government, partner and commercial computer applications. Employees receiving AllCampus Cards in Phase I of the campus re-carding process may have to produce a valid government-issued ID at a later time.

If employees can not produce their current AllCampus cards, they will have to complete a proxy form stating why they could not. The form also states that “NC State University is not liable for financial or criminal repercussions associated with lost, stolen, damaged or fraudulently used AllCampus ID cards, department copy cards and employee badges.”

AllCampus cards are used for granting physical access to certain campus buildings or rooms (gym access or highly sensitive labs) as well as electronic access to computer stations and vending machines. The card can also be used as a university debit card for purchases on campus.

To view the AllCampus Re-Card Phase II Schedule, visit the AllCampus Re-Card Web site