Clean up your digital tracks in Gmail and Google Drive

As part of the university’s commitment to manage and reduce its digital footprint, the Google Service Team encourages you to review your Google Workspace resources and remove any email with attachments and Google Drive files that are no longer needed.

Here are a few tips to help you clean up your data:


  • From Gmail, type before:YEAR (e.g., before:2020) in the search bar at the top to find emails with attachments, as these emails have high storage use. 
  • Select Has attachment and hit Enter. You will see a list of emails with attachments. 
  • If available, click the Image, Document, PDF and From options to fine-tune your query.
  • To delete an email you do not need, select the corresponding checkbox and click the Trash icon.

Google Drive

  • In Google Drive, type each of the following queries in the search bar at the top to display large file types:
    • type:video
    • type:pdf
    • type:image
  • To delete a file that you own and no longer need, select the file and click the Trash icon.