New campus voice mail system coming April 14

OIT Communication Technologies (ComTech) has delayed the deployment of Cisco Unity Connection, the new campus voice mail system, to April 14. To prepare for the deployment, staff collected data from colleges and campus departments to map individual users to their associated telephone numbers and Unity IDs. This process, however, took longer than anticipated.

Cisco Unity Connection will consolidate the voice mail systems of Main Campus and the College of Veterinary Medicine into one highly-resilient, feature-rich system. In addition to the traditional telephone interface, the new voice mail system will eventually offer campus users the ability to access their voice mail via Web and e-mail clients. Cisco Unity Connection replaces the aging campus Octel voice mail system.

OIT ComTech is currently testing the new voice mail system and will provide users with instructions on how to set up their new voice mail boxes prior to the deployment. More information will be available on the ComTech Web site.