New campus voice mail system coming May 3

Due to a large volume of customer inquiries within the past week, OIT Communication Technologies (ComTech) is postponing the April 14 deployment of Cisco Unity Connection, the new campus voice mail system. This will allow more time for users to set up their new voice mail accounts and ComTech to implement other requested changes to voice mail accounts.

The new system will be active for all main campus and College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) Research building users on Tuesday, May 3 and for the remainder of CVM voice mail users shortly thereafter.

Setting up your voice mail account:

  • Please set up your new voice mail account before Friday, April 29 in order to access your voice mail messages in the new system.
  • For detailed instructions, see Setting up Your Voice mail.


  • A replacement for the aging campus Octel voice mail system, Cisco Unity Connection will consolidate the voice mail systems of Main Campus and CVM into one highly-resilient, feature-rich system.
  • In addition to the traditional telephone interface, the new voice mail system will offer you Unified Messaging, the ability to access your voice mail via an email client.
    CAUTION: If you choose to use this service, then the NC State central email archiving and retention service will archive your voice mail. No one, including administrative personnel, can alter or remove archived voice mail messages until the 10-year data retention period ends. For more information, visit the Voice Mail Archiving at NC State Web page.

Accessing your voice mail:

  • New voice mail. When the new voice mail system is activated, you will be able to access your voice mail messages by calling 512-MAIL(6245).
  • Old voice mail. You will be able to access old messages stored on the Octel voice mail system for 30 days after the new system is activated. Afterwards, on Thursday, June 2, the Octel voice mail system will be decommissioned, and all messages deleted. Detailed information on how to access your old messages will be available on the Voice mail website soon. You will not be able to forward old voice mail messages to the new system.