Unity Macintosh Lab Software for Fall 2011 – 08052011


Fall  2011 – 08052011

See http://oit.ncsu.edu/macintosh/views/labkit-all for information on software in previous kits.




1) **Moved to Casper Installation Methods** OIT is now using the Casper Suite 8.2 to deploy all Unity Lab Machines by installing software instead of imaging it on with ASR.  As such there is no image to download.  This sofware set and Casper workflows are not machine specifice and should work on all current Intel Apple hardware that can boot to 10.6.8 v1.1.

2) Tokens to use OpenAFS are no longer acquired at login.  Instead the MyAFS.app is provided and will prompt uses for Unity ID and password to at Ticket Granting Tickets, Service Granting Tickets and Tokes for using NC State AFS Cells (unity, eos, bp). It is critical that the edu.mit.kerbeos file in /Library/Preferences be correct in step 1) above for this to function.

3) The printers will need to be set to require name an password in their options.  Use the following command:

sudo lpadmin -p -o auth-info-required=username,password 

See the http://oit.ncsu.edu/macintosh/cups-setup-wolfcopy-mac-os-x-105+ for more details.


OIT is providing a Universal Lab Software only for  Intel (i386) based Macintosh hardware supporting 32 bit and 64 bit machines where possible.

OIT Unity Macintosh Lab kits create local home directories (ie /Users/)for each user that logs in on each machine.  Use the MyAFS link to save files to traditional Unity AFS file space.  This means that user preferences and Library files will not follow the users from one machine to the next.

Known issues
List of Major Applications   
Full List of Applications 
Setting Up WolfCopy Printers


Major Macintosh Applications:

AIM.app ExpanDrive.app Python 3.1
Address Book.app Fetch.app QGIS.app
AdminLauncher.app Final Cut Express HD.app QuickTime Broadcaster.app
Adobe Firefox.app QuickTime Player.app
Adobe Acrobat X Pro Flip4Mac R.app
Adobe After Effects CS5.5 Font Book.app R64.app
Adobe Bridge CS5.1 Front Row.app RealPlayer.app
Adobe Contribute CS5.1 Fugu.app Remote Desktop Connection.app
Adobe Device Central CS5.5 GarageBand.app Safari.app
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 Gmail at_NC_State.webloc Sketchpad
Adobe Extension Manager CS5.5 Google Chrome.app Solver
Adobe Fireworks CS5.1 Google Earth.app Soundtrack.app
Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Google Notifier.app Stickies.app
Adobe Flash CS5.5 Google_Apps at_NC_State.webloc StuffIt 12
Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5.5 IBM System Preferences.app
Adobe Illustrator CS5.1 Image Capture.app TeX
Adobe InDesign CS5.5 JMP 9.app TextEdit.app
Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 LiveType.app TextWrangler.app
Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 MATLAB_R2011a.app Time Machine.app
App Store.app Mail.app TurningPoint AnyWhere.app
Audacity 1.3.12 Maple 15 Utilities
Automator.app MathType 6 VPython-Py3.1
BTV Pro Carbon 5.4.1 folder Mathematica.app iCal.app
Calculator.app Microsoft Communicator.app iChat.app
Chess.app Microsoft Messenger.app iDVD.app
Citrix Receiver.app Microsoft Office 2011 iMovie.app
Cn3D.app Microsoft Silverlight iPhoto.app
DVD Player.app MyAFS.app iSync.app
Dashboard.app OpenOSX Grass.app iTunes.app
Dictionary.app Photo Booth.app iWeb.app
ESRI Preview.app iWork ’09



Known Issues: 

 1) Mac OS X 10.6.x will not run on PPC hardware.  All kits support only Apple, Intel based hardware!

2) When printing a Unity ID and password will be required each time a print request is made to a WolfCopy printer. Printing now uses the Apple supported CUPS mechanisms instead of LPRNG used in the past. Have a look at:

 http://oit.ncsu.edu/macintosh/cups-setup-wolfcopy-mac-os-x-105 to see how to setup printers.