Software Licensing Management to approve clickwrap agreements

Software clickwrap agreements require a user to click “I agree” or “I accept” before software or hardware can be installed. Recent court decisions have made it clear that clickwrap agreements are legal and binding contracts and are, therefore, subject to university contracting policy, which prohibits many software clickwrap agreements.  

To address this situation, the Office of General Counsel has given OIT Software Licensing Management (SLM) authority to perform risk assessments of and approve all campus clickwrap agreements. SLM has reviewed the most common clickwrap agreements on campus and has compiled an approved Clickwrap list.

Before you install (on a university-owned machine) software with a clickwrap agreement that was not purchased via the NC State Purchasing Department, verify that the clickwrap has been reviewed.

For additional information or to submit software for review, email Software Licensing Management at