Change to clicker technology in ClassTech-supported classrooms

OIT announces the migration to TurningPoint 5 Suite clicker technology, an audience response system that teachers can use in the classroom to poll or to quiz students about a discussion topic.

The migration includes replacing all RRRF-01 model receivers, which accept the clicker signals, with new RRRF-02/03/04 receivers prior to the start of the fall semester. Although the new receivers can accept responses from the old clickers (RF & XR model), students who are purchasing clickers for the first time are encouraged to purchase the new NXT clickers sold through the NC State Bookstores. The NXT clicker is not compatible with the old receivers, hence the need to forklift all old receivers, campus-wide.

The benefits of migrating to the new suite include:

  • Reintroduction of the Mac version of the software
  • Integration into one suite of the three chief Turning applications: TurningPoint, TurningKey and TurningPoint Anywhere
  • Ability to run presentations created on the Mac or Windows environments on either platform
  • Ability to turn a participant’s Web-enabled mobile device (e.g., smartphone) into a clicker

For more information about this change, including instructor kits and training session announcements, visit TurningPoint5 Suite Software Migration.