Google Service Team implements two-step verification and lock screen widgets

The Google Service Team recently implemented two-step verification and lock screen widgets for Google Apps @ NC State users.

Two-step verification protects your Google Apps account from unauthorized access should someone manage to obtain your password. When you activate two-step verification, you will be required to log in with both your password and an additional security code that is delivered to your mobile device via text, voice call or mobile app. So even if your password is cracked, guessed or otherwise stolen, an attacker can’t sign in without access to your verification code. For more information see, 2-Step Verification.

If you’re an Android user wanting to use the Google Apps Device Policy with your NC State Google Apps account, you now have access to lock screen widgets. This service gives you the ability to add widgets — which provide a preview of your calendar or messages or a shortcut to your camera —  to your device’s lock screen. Setting up this service may vary slightly depending on your Android device, and it is available only on OS version 4.2 or newer.

If you have questions about these new services, please contact the NC State Help Desk at or 919.515.HELP(4357).