DC2 Team to begin power and cooling renovations

In March, the Data Center 2 (DC2) Project Team will install new plumbing — including a tap into the campus chilled water loop — in DC2. This work is part of a seven-month power and cooling renovation project that includes the installation of:

  • a new backup chiller and four chilled water HVAC units that will enable the facility to be cooled 100 percent by chilled water; and
  • an independent backup generator to reduce the non-data center loads on the existing generator.

These renovations will help mitigate risks of future cooling-related outages in DC2.

In preparation for the tap installation, the team conducted a test on Feb. 12 to simulate the conditions of the tap installation that will occur in the center in early March. During the test, the chilled water supply to the center’s water-cooled doors was shut off and effects observed. This test was successful and yielded valuable data that will be used to develop appropriate mitigation steps.  

A similar cooling exercise will be conducted on Wednesday, Feb. 19 to replicate the conditions of plumbing installation that will occur in late March. The chilled water supply for the center’s existing chilled water units will be manually shut off and the effects observed to determine supplemental cooling or procedural changes. The plumbing installation is expected to last several weeks.

Project impact

During both the tap and plumbing installations, there will be no planned full shutdown of IT services. Because of the nature of the pending work, there is a risk that degradation of some IT services is possible.

For more information, visit SysNews, the official source of news and updates for the DC2 renovation project.