Data Center 2 renovation continues

The Data Center 2 (DC2) Team is proceeding with a seven-month power and cooling renovation that will help to mitigate the risks of future outages.

In preparation for this work, the Team executed three separate cooling exercises to determine temporary cooling needs and the processes necessary to sustain operations during the renovation.

Once the temporary cooling needs are implemented, the Team will proceed with the plumbing work that was originally planned for late March. Other DC2 power and cooling renovations, include:

  • Installing a backup supply of chilled water to reduce the data center’s reliance on a single primary source of cooling.
  • Installing an independent backup generator to reduce the non-data center loads on the existing generator.
  • Replacing the remaining air cooled climate control units with water cooled units to reduce data center power consumption for cooling.

Project impact
By design, there will be no planned full shutdown of IT services in DC2. However, because of the nature of the pending work, there is risk of degradation of some IT services.

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