Data Center 2 renovation update

OIT is continuing its efforts to fortify the university’s Data Center 2 (DC2) to sustain future growth as well as minimize future outages.

In April, the DC2 Team replaced the center’s water pumps and began installing chilled water piping to support four new chilled water HVAC units, which will replace the existing air-cooled climate control units. The first of these units will be installed on Wednesday, May 21. Each unit will take approximately four working days to install. Piping work will continue until all HVAC units are installed. There will be no planned shutdown of IT services in DC2 during this project.

The team has already installed two new taps into the building’s chilled water supply system. These were necessary to support a new stand-alone backup chiller to reduce the center’s reliance on a single primary source of cooling.  

This seven-month-long power and cooling renovation will also include the installation of an independent backup generator to reduce the non-data center loads on the existing generator. All work is anticipated to be completed at the end of August.