OIT blocks Windows XP machines from the campus network

If you’re running Windows XP and your machine is still connected to the NC State network, it will not be for long. As part of its continuing efforts to keep the network secure, OIT is in the process of blocking from the campus network all machines that are still running this unsupported operating system.

As of April 8, 2014, Microsoft ended maintenance support, including security updates and patches, for the Windows XP operating system, leaving it vulnerable to hacks, viruses and malware. This is a very serious issue. If an infection started on your unprotected Windows XP machine, it could quickly and easily spread across the campus network, putting your data and the university’s systems and data at risk of being exploited.

OIT recommends that you upgrade to a modern operating system and buy a new computer if necessary. Windows is site licensed for university-owned machines, and you can obtain media for Windows 7 or 8 from Software @ NC State. Contact your local IT support for assistance with your upgrade.

If an upgrade is not possible and your computer must remain connected to the campus network, you need to contact your Campus IT Director (CITD) Designated Delegate for Windows XP Approval and provide justification for any exception.