Convert external files to Google Docs to save storage space

You can save storage space in Google Apps @ NC State if you convert your external files to Google Docs.  Not only will you save space (Google Docs won’t count against your storage.), but you can also share your documents, reports, presentations and projects with others to view, comment or edit.

Note: Files can still be shared even if they are not in a Google format.

To convert external files (such as Microsoft Office, Excel, or Powerpoint files) to Google Docs:

  1. Simply drag your files into the Google Drive folder space; or

  2. Open your Google Drive.

  3. Click the Arrow button to upload files.

    Screenshot of Drive Create Button

  1. Browse your computer to locate and select the desired file.

  2. Confirm the Upload Settings for each file. When converting external files, make sure to check the first option:
    Convert documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and drawings to the corresponding Google Docs format.

  3. Select Start Upload.
    Screenshot of upload settings

Once the upload is complete, the newly converted file will appear in your Drive.

Note: If you do not see the Upload Settings window, change your account settings from the Settings button on your Google Drive home page. Select Upload Settings and check the option Confirm settings before each upload.