Use two-factor authentication to add a layer of protection between you and hackers

OIT Security and Compliance encourages you to use two-factor authentication wherever possible to reduce your risk of having your accounts compromised due to increased phishing attacks and various malware.

Also known as two-step authentication, this process adds an extra layer of protection between you and the bad guys by requiring you to verify your identity in two steps in order to access your online account services. For example, if you have activated two-factor authentication for your Google Apps @ NC State account, you will be required to log in with both your password and an additional security code that is delivered to your mobile device via text, voice call or mobile app — hence, two steps or factors.

An ever-growing number of services already support two-factor authentication, including Facebook, Tumblr, eBay, PayPal, Twitter, and online banking. To learn more about who supports two-factor authentication, visit Two Factor Auth (2FA). You are also encouraged to read each company’s documentation thoroughly to understand how two-factor authentication works with their service and how to log in if your two-factor device and/or number is unavailable.