Summer Google Apps updates

Changes are coming to or are already in your Google Apps @ NC State account! On July 14, the Google Service Team enabled the following apps:

In addition, you’ll also see these major enhancements to Google Drive to improve your Google Apps experience and to safeguard your work:

  • Google Drive has been redesigned for speedier performance on the desktop, making organizing and sharing files faster.
  • All files uploaded to Google Drive will now be encrypted for all users (consumer and Google Apps alike) so your content is encrypted from your device to Google, in transit between Google data centers and at rest on Google servers.
  • A new user interface in Gmail and Google Drive provides better document and image viewing.
  • In Google Docs, users with “can comment” access to a document will be able to make suggested edits to a document. Users with “can edit” access will be able to accept or reject these suggestions. Those with “can view” access will not be able to see suggested edits until they are accepted, nor will they be able to see comments. For more information, see the Google Drive Blog.
  • Quickoffice, which allows you to open and edit Microsoft Office documents on your tablet or phone, is now integrated into both Google Docs and Sheets.

For more information about these new features, see the June edition of Google Apps What’s New.