Status update on Data Center 2 cooling incidents

Campus Data Center 2 experienced two incidents of high temperatures in recent weeks. OIT and Facilities have data indicating the recently installed emergency backup chiller system operated improperly. There was no disruption of chilled water in the West Campus area to any facility other than Admin III.

Facilities and OIT staff are working closely with the contractors involved in implementing the emergency backup cooling system to determine root cause and to resolve the problems.

In the meantime, please be aware the facility is operating without the benefit of this automated backup system and is dependent upon the campus chilled water service. Once the emergency backup system issues are resolved, we will restore emergency backup capability.

In the event of an extreme emergency, manually switching to the backup system would take time and would require powering down equipment.

Initial SysNews posts and a news release concerning the incidents include:

Continue to monitor SysNews for updates.